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Team Effect was in New Delhi, India when the quake hit. Having worked in Nepal for 6 years they were on the first flight to Kathmandu within 24 hours of the Quake to find lost friends. One actually died, Dan Fredinburger who was climbing Everest on behalf of our film Stolen Innocence. What they witnessed when they arrived was shocking. Effect quickly responded teaming up with local entrepreneurs in Kathmandu who are all volunteering and formulating aid for those most affected.


Right after the quake we mobilized 125 volunteers, 75 motorbikes and 8 vehicles importing and exporting supplies. We purchased 500 kg of food and 4,147 pieces of medical supplies and 1500 tents every day! We doubled that the following days.  HQ inventoried all supplies and delivered it the same day. We had two film crews documenting everything and 6 Engineer’s building software. We built NepalRises.com in 8 hours and a bot scanning Twitter @nepalrises to understand who needs help and act immediately. We are coordinating with a lot of local aid groups to triple our efforts.


As the monsoon soon arrives it is key to provide strong shelters, clean water and sanitation projects. We’ve partnered with Portal Shelters to provide temporary class rooms for destroyed schools.  Each classroom only costs $100 dollars and it’s locally made and can be set up in 30 minutes. We’ve also partnered with Smart Paani (water) to provide clean water. We are providing families with gravity feed water filtration systems that last 6 months and only cost $40. Additionally we are prototyping a new sanitation toilet we hope to scale production soon.



For many we are the FIRST aid they’ve received and now for many we are the first to provide sustainable school class rooms and clean water. If you want to make a difference and donate we are getting aid to those most effected immediately.




Please follow our daily updates on relief efforts on Facebook.

If you’re in Kathmandu we need volunteers. Please email info@effect.org


Scalable pathways to quality learning




Effect was founded in 2010 by Casey Allred and Bushra Zaman, with passion to make education accessible for all of India’s underprivileged children. Between college semesters, they travelled back and forth to India to open a school in rural Bihar, India. In 2011, Casey received the Utah Campus Compact award for his work, Effect was awarded the Bill E Robins; Organization of the Year, and Effect brought on a new key team member, Moline Dastrup.


Using research collected from that pilot school, Effect uncovered high demand in the educational market where parents, especially those from the bottom of the pyramid, are willing to spend up to 13% of their income on education. With full enrollment in three months, low start-up costs, and a successful teacher training program, the Effect team quickly turned to researching a reformed view of private schools that met the global demands of an illiterate population without the short-term reliance on foreign aid or philanthropy.


Transpiring from that research was the foundation for a streamlined system of high-impact schools that return a profit and maximize reach. Effect has developed a lean chain of private schools that will educate the world’s poorest children. Unlike failing government schools and ill-equipped private schools, Effect’s model provides the highest quality education available to the poor. Effect offers a market-based approach to solving the education achievement gap in low-income communities.


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Committed to Changing Educational Delivery Worldwide

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